Company Overview

Our software tools empower and connect PCB designers, part suppliers and manufacturers to develop and manufacture electronics products faster and more efficiently than ever before. With the addition of our new cloud platform Altium 365, Altium’s leading PCB design software moves into a whole new dimension, creating seamless collaboration across the entire PCB design process.

Altium Core Values


  • Big Thinking (in pursuit of purpose)- Setting ambitious long-term goals that stakeholders at all levels can appreciate and get behind.
  • Ingenuity (of AND)- Shows an ability to work with complexity and polarities. Demonstrating resourcefulness and creative thinking to generate options or solutions. Balancing risks, rewards and conflicting priorities in solving problems.
  • Diversity (of thought)- Demonstrates an ability to think “out of the box” and listen to new ideas.
  • Agility (of action)- Showing an ability to shift quickly to be more effective based on the situation. Demonstrating an ability to fail fast or win quickly.
  • Courage (of conviction)- Living and dying by the sword, a fearless mindset to express one’s conviction borne out of relentless desire to succeed.
  • Adaptability (of approach)- Thriving on change and flexibility. Demonstrating a global view and understanding not just how, but why.
  • Transparency (of intent)- Demonstrating open and honest two-way communication with others in relation to the why, the what and the how.
  • Grit (in pursuit of mission)- Load bearing and demonstrating resolve to move through adversity or obstacles. Remains objective and positive through periods of change.

A Career Opportunity Like No Other

Join the team powering innovation in electronics in nearly every industry worldwide, from healthcare, to transportation, to entertainment and beyond.

Reinventing the Way Electronics Are Built
Is the electronics industry ready for 75 billion connected devices? Altium is enabling the pace of innovation this future will need.

Join us on a mission of innovation as we are fundamentally changing the way electronics-based products are being created. Since 1985, Altium has led the development, marketing, and sales of several of the world’s most popular Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design software tools — but that’s just the starting point for what we aim to do. Altium is the first and only company to make it possible for the entire electronics value chain — design, supply chain, and manufacturing — to work together collaboratively on a digital platform.

Interested in a challenging and rewarding career opportunity on a mission to transform our industry?


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